Pigmenta Art Supplies

Please read before purchasing:

  • When placing the order please fill out accurate full names and addresses to avoid any confusion with delivery

  • Please expect orders to take 12- 15 days (at most) to be delivered

  • If you fail to receive the parcel because of a mistake in given address, or failure to be available for the courier person , we won't be responsible. We do not do returns or refunds unless it is an abvious production defect.

  • If your parcel doesn't arrive, please send a message requesting for a tracking number and follow up with your local post office. 

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AURUM Watercolor Half Pan

A summery light gold watercolor
Half Pan Size

MOTHERLODE Watercolor Half Pan

A dark rich gold watercolour
Half Pan Size

ROSEWATER Watercolor Half Pan

A soft shimmery rose
Silver based rose gold
Half Pan Size


PHANTOM PINK Watercolor Half Pan

A ghostly iridescent pink
White base when used thickly
Half Pan Size 


ALIEN PRINCESS Neon Watercolor Half Pan
A intergalactic neon pink from another dimension
Half Pan Size


LUCID DREAMS Watercolor Half Pan
A bright neon yellow, bound to make you delirious
Half Pan Size


We keep developing more long term and limited edition colors. Make sure you follow our Instagram account to be up to date on new releases


SPECTER BLUE Watercolor Half Pan

A ghostly iridescent blue
White base when used thickly
Half Pan Size 


HARAJUKU Neon Watercolor Half Pan
A wild bright neon orange, inspired by Harajuku street, Tokyo
Half Pan Size


WITCHING HOUR Watercolor Half Pan
A spooky neon green, perfect addition to your palette.
Half Pan Size

lunar dust.jpg

LUNAR DUST Watercolor Half Pan
A spectacular silvery show of galaxies and stars in a pan. Best against dark backgrounds colours
Half Pan Size 

SATSUMA Watercolor Half Pan
A delicious neon light summer orange, to add some zest to your collection.
Half Pan Size


BOWIE Watercolor Half Pan
A piercing neon blue, a true oddity from outer space
Half Pan Size