Triple Threat: An Indie Art Show, Bangalore, 2017
The Alipore Post Offline, Bangalore, 2016
Art of the Matter, Tribal Heart Foundation, Chennai, 2015
Nat Geo + Animal : Species, New Delhi, 2014


The Inking Workshop, The Humming Tree, 2016

Bangalore Gumani X Something Sketchy - talk + draw at ChurchStreetSocial, 2015


Studio Gumani is a professional illustration and creative studio based in Bangalore, India. It is established by artist Pia Meenakshi. 

Her love for the great outdoors has helped her find inspiration in Mother Nature's secret stash of goodies and she occupies a great deal of her waking (and dreaming) time in the midst of wolves, skulls and plants amongst other things. 

She is inspired by animals, plants, flowers, insects and all things magical, which find their way into her illustrative work. She loves the idea of feral girls belonging to wolf tribes, children living in forests and she secretly dreams of escaping into the wild. 

Her other interests include being bossed by her Beagle: Pipyo, binding books, collection bones and skulls, insects and seeds, and of course travelling. 

She is currently open for freelance business.